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MyiAgent Virtual Agent Software – by i-Command Inc.

Receptionists perform administrative tasks and serve as the gate-keeper to your business. These duties include answering phones, receiving visitors, and providing general information about your business to the public and your customers.

MyiAgent Virtual Agent Software enables businesses to consistently deliver professional receptionist experience at all office locations 24/7. You can use MyiAgent for reception, receiving, greeting, scheduling, controlled access, and many other reception duties.

A receptionist is often the first business contact a person will meet at any organization. Your receptionist should be calm, courteous and professional at all times.  Visitors and customers expect an attentive well-groomed receptionist with a positive attitude and a high level of engagement. Business owners require dependability, loyalty to the company, safety and security-mindedness and professionalism at all times – including high-demand and high stress periods.

MyiAgent Virtual Agent Software can be used to supplement your existing staff, or as a cost-effective means of staffing a location without the expense of a dedicated paid employee.

MyiAgent Handles All of Your Typical Front Desk Receptionist Tasks and Duties
  • Operate telephone system.  Answer, screen, and route calls and messages.
  • Greet and answer inquiries for general public, customers and visitors.
  • Announce and log all visitors to your place of business.
  • Receive and Process deliveries and incoming / outgoing courier services.

The front desk receptionist is the first line of contact for engaging visitors, customers, and the general public.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics study conducted in 2012,  the US average median wage for a Receptionist is $25,990 / year – or $12.49 / hr. Consumer site lists average US receptionist salary at $25,000-$40,000 annually.

A receptionist may also assume some security guard access control functions for an organization by verifying employee identification, issuing visitor passes, and observing and reporting any unusual or suspicious persons or activities. (Source: Wikipedia)

At times the receptionists job may be stressful due to multiple demands: interaction with different people,  different personalities, walk-in and phone inquiries, delivery and meeting coordination and even facilities management concerns.

MyiAgent Virtual Reception Agent solutions by i-Command are built for business. With Voice, Motion and Touch Interaction your Reception Agent will provide a superior customer experience every time.

Perfect First Impressions

Our virtual receptionist system will grow your business. Let your customers be greeted with enthusiasm and personality.  iCommand MyiAgent solutions leverage Voice, Motion, and Touch interactive technology to attract and engage your clients, customers, vendors and staff with a truly Virtual Reception and Training solution. Instantly and dramatically improve customer service and satisfaction ratings by making a great first impression, virtually. Choose success today with i-Command MyReceptionAgent and MyTrainingAgent solutions. Virtual Receptionist Software for PC, tablet, and kiosk by i-Command Inc.

Smarter Interaction

Real interactions include variables. True conversations move in natural patterns which vary by office and individual user. MyiAgent Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Training Agents include iCommand’s simple and robust software engine allowing for a custom tailored approach to fit your unique business needs. Increase interaction efficiencies and engage up to 4x your front desk traffic, or infinitely increase your ability to train and certify your staff in any location, worldwide. Work smarter with Virtual Agent solutions by i-Command.

Conversational Intelligence

Virtual Agent solutions by i-Command deliver a natural two-way dialogue with advanced voice recognition technology.  The contextual conversation is created to provide your customers and staff information to make real-time decisions.  The solutions are action-oriented and executed with precision. Anomalies and real-time updating of workflows are available via the iCommand Admin access portal 24/7. Make your first impression your best impression with MyiAgent Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Training Agent from iCommand Technologies, Inc.