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The i-Command technology platform allows for human engagement by using voice recognition software for translating speech into an intuitively natural conversation between information and action. The customizable platform can scale across multiple areas of any organization to increase process efficiencies and overall customer experience and satisfaction ratings. We are currently bringing two solutions to market: Virtual Receptionist Software (MyReceptionAgent) and Virtual Training Software (MyTrainingAgent). While the anticipated launch date for these solutions is early 2015, we are currently accepting orders for early adopters of this technology. If you would like the first-mover advantage and the leverage of press, attention and additional benefits that go with it – contact us today.

Naturally Speaking Virtual Conversation Solutions

We are changing the way visitors, vendors, and customers interact with your reception staff with Virtual Receptionist software solutions via PC and Kiosk. i-Command solutions include natural voice recognition for a fully 2-way conversation. This offers both convenience and efficiency to your office and professional environment.  With i-Command MyiAgent software solutions you can create Virtual Receptionist that is tailored to your specific business needs.

Measure, Track and Improve Customer Service

MyiAgent Software provides you with the ability to track and measure the conversations, requests, and results at your reception desk via the cloud management console – from anywhere, 24/7. Both Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Training Agent solutions provide you with a back end authoring console which can be updated and modified in real time. i-Command technology allows you to modify user options, streamline conversations, narrow down choices, add or edit employees and resources such as meeting and conference rooms, counseling centers, exam rooms as needed.

Make a Great First Impression

MyReceptionAgent uses motion sensing technology to ‘see’ and welcome your visitors as they approach your reception area. Options are unlimited and fully at your control. From a simple ‘Welcome, who are you here to see today’ to offering up a full dialog regarding appointments, specific directions to the meeting room, audio or video call to your staff member announcing their arrival, – even offering a beverage while they wait. Your Virtual Agent from i-Command delivers content, video, documentation, verification and authentication, and all with precision and the manners, courtesy and professionalism you expect from one of your staff. i-Command puts you in control of  outcome and customer, vendor, or staff experience.

Learn more about Virtual Receptionist Software with Voice Recognition: MyReceptionAgent

Learn more about Virtual Training Software with Voice Recognition: MyTrainingAgent

Custom Voice Recognition Solutions Available

What do you need your Virtual Agent to do? What will your visitors say when they speak to your Virtual Agent? We will assist you with your Voice Recognition, Touch Interactive, and Motion Activated Custom Solution.  Let us show you what our system is capable of.

Contact i-Command for your free consultation. Our team of business analysts will work with you to determine the ideal Virtual Agent Solution for your business needs.

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