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Training staff members was never more simple and structured

Add simplicity and structure to the training of your staff with MyTrainingAgent Virtual Training Software. MyTrainingAgent  can be used for Continuing Education, Safety and Certification Training Courses, On-Premise situational review and agreement and HR Employee On-boarding.

Increasing the skill level of your team can be challenging 

It’s important to ensure that the proper ‘corporate’ information is communicated to your clients and customers. Updating and maintaining the training information can be a daunting task. Enforcing the proper and consistent delivery of that training is a challenge faced by every business. i-Command’s Virtual Training Software brings businesses the ability to offer on-demand skills training for continuing education, re-certification, or fostering promotion and career path opportunities from within. MyTrainingAgent is the solution for your business training needs.

Meet Certification and Regulatory Requirements

Certain key training material is essential to your business. This may include mandatory safety, policy, legal and other information that must be clearly and properly communicated, understood, and implemented throughout your organization. i-Command’s Virtual Training Software allows you to deliver your message on time, on track, and on point with built in tracking and reporting to keep you in compliance.

Fully Immersive Training to Match Diverse Learning Styles and Modalities
Your staff is a valuable corporate asset with an amazing mix of talent and backgrounds. Every team is made of of unique individuals. Each of your employees learns in their own way. i-Command MyTrainingAgent Training Software fully engages the user with Auditory, Visual, and Tactile interaction. MyTrainingAgent is successful from the classroom to the break room. Deploy Virtual Training Software by i-Command to effectively reach and grow your human capital through constant and consistent education and certification.

Virtual Training Software

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Virtual Training Software by i-Command